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Coping with the Holiday Survival Guide  LINK HERE

Holiday Stress Screening  LINK HERE

Screening for Seasonal Affective Disorder  LINK HERE

Medicine and Grief During the COVID-19 Era: The Art of Losing    LINK HERE

Action for Happiness Calendar (Monthly)  LINK HERE

Top Mental Health Resources for Nurses During COVID-19   LINK HERE

Nurses Are Feeling 'Utterly Broken' and Exhausted: Is Help Available?  LINK HERE

Witnesses and Victims Both: Healthcare Workers and Grief in the Time of COVID-19   LINK HERE

5 Things to Help Promote Mental Health During COVID-19   LINK HERE

Nurse Blake Podcast  LINK HERE  (Reality-based Humor)

Understanding Compassion Fatigue    LINK HERE

Leaders’ Guide to Risk Communication in the Face of Coronavirus and Other Emerging Public Health Threats    LINK HERE

COVID-19: Physician Well-being    LINK HERE

Grief Leadership During COVID-19    LINK HERE

Cognitive Overload   LINK HERE

The Community Resiliency Model to Promote Nurse Well-Being    LINK HERE

Find Your Personal Top 3 Ways to Build Resilience     LINK HERE

Addressing Moral Distress    LINK HERE

Nurses' Resilience in the Face of Coronavirus (COVID-19): An International View     LINK HERE

Nurses have had a tough year (and then some). You can learn from their resilience    LINK HERE

Community Resiliency Model: Skills Training for Healthcare Providers    LINK HERE

Rousing our Motivation     LINK HERE

Work and Well-Being 2021 Survey Report    LINK HERE

American Hospital Association:
Well-being Resources Addressing Resilience During COVID-19    LINK HERE

Sustaining the Well-Being of Healthcare Personnel during Infectious Disease Outbreaks    LINK HERE

Resources to Support the Health and Well-Being of Clinicians During COVID-19 by Source    LINK HERE

Leading Through Crisis: A Resource Compendium for Nurse Leaders    LINK HERE

Caring for Patients’ Mental Well-Being During Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks: A Guide for Clinician    LINK HERE

The definition and differences of complicated grief reaction   LINK HERE

Tasks of Mourning: William Worden, PhD   LINK HERE

The Psychological Effects of Physicians’ Communication Skills on COVID-19 Patients  LINK HERE



Critical Incident Stress Handout    LINK HERE


Holiday Stress Screening   LINK HERE




BOOK: What Color is Your Parachute: 2021  LINK HERE  (addresses COVID)

Pre-Order 2022 Edition (Dec 2021)  LINK HERE

Stages of Change  LINK HERE


What to do after getting fired    LINK HERE

How to Write a Resume Employers will Notice    LINK HERE

How to Change Careers    LINK HERE

How to Answer "Why are you looking for a job"?   LINK HERE

Blog by Sam D. Bernard, PhD

Combat Breathing  LINK HERE


"My Most Wonderful Vacation Spot"   LINK HERE

(Visual Imagery Guided Exercise)


Progressive Muscle Relaxation   LINK HERE

Blog by Michael Hastilow, MS

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